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The Muslim Association of Salisbury from its inception has been a place of education and learning. From Monday to Thursday for two hours each evening children learn about Islam using the modern facilities here in the Mosque. Almost 35 pupils are taught a wide range of Islamic subjects.

The evening classes are diversified with the memorizing facility. An additional class is ran every evening from Saturday – Thursday by professional Hafiz’s whom always go out of their ways to make every bit possible for your child to memorise the Holly Quran Sharif.

The weekend Madrasa here at the Salisbury Mosque, which is held from 11am to 2pm every Saturday and Sunday. This is a very popular class which attracts children from outer suburb. It is allowing the children learn the Islam in a syllabusic system.

Every Wednesday here in the Salisbury Mosque, scholars takes another step to educate the children with further knowledge in languages. This class is ran with the choice of language voted by the majority demand.

As more people undertake the Hajj and Umrah every year, the Mosque offers an open training programme every year.

A four-week course runs during the summer holiday by professional Qari’s, offering children the opportunity to learn and read Quran Sharif in the correct grammatical way.

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